Our Story

We believe in sharing the abundance of light wherever it may be. We do that by curating uncompromisingly uplifting celebrations of mind, body, and soul. Yalla!

 Photo from Zakaria AIT WAKRIM'S "Amarg" Collection

Photo from Zakaria AIT WAKRIM'S "Amarg" Collection


what we believe

We see & seek the beauty in this life. We find as much purpose in a rewarding 90 minutes on our mat as we do in a boozy evening listening to a Nigerian disco artist from the 80's. It became evident that nothing made us happier than curating and sharing these moments of both introspective wellness and upbeat culture in Morocco, our home country & glorious host to this energy of warmth, belonging, and discovery. We believe in good times. The epic kind.We believe that the last remaining border between us is fear. We believe that the best way to address this fear is through experience and exchange.

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"Home is an experience of belonging, a feeling of being whole and known, sometimes too close for comfort. It’s those attachments that liberate us more than they constrain. As the expression suggests, home is where we are from — the place where we begin to be."

Gianpiero Petriglieri

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Who we are

Hey, I'm Chafs (Linkedin), and I founded Sunny Side Up with the help of my wife Nisma. It is a reflection of both who we are and our aspirations in life. While I am passionate about culture, she's a wellness warrior. While I am about the big ideas and dreams, she is meticulous and level-headed. We are supported by a host of incredibly talented creatives & community. Blend is a brilliant design company based out of Arezzo, Italy, and is behind our logo and branding. Rajae Chaoui is an immensely gifted Graphic Designer from Rabat and created all of our visuals.